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Among the many Japanese Black Cattle, the breeding method differs depending on the producer. 
Our business model explores the best cost performance for the premium Wagyu brand, which has never been explored overseas yet. Only popular Wagyu brands are available in the international market, while Wagyu's tradition is a part of Japanese culture that can be explored more. 

We're aiming to create more opportunities to revitalize the Japanese Wagyu tradition by bringing directly from farmers/slaughterhouses and bring a new experience for overseas buyers and customers. 

The slaughterhouse will carry different licenses based on each buyer's origin, which also depends on Japan's regional prefecture. This is where our solution comes on board since we have access to the entire supply chain and bring the right solution for Wagyu's demands. The founders are experts in Wagyu Trade, a Michelin experience Chef.

Welcome to KYnext LLC Japan, and we are here to revitalize Japan Wagyu tradition and bring an unexplored Wagyu Brand to the overseas. 

Halal Slaughtering Certificate is available

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